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Not sure if I am winning or not, but I enjoyed it. I would like play more when/if you update it! (help, hover over dices more clear, win/lose screen)

Good job! :D

Ha, its become apparent I might've made it a tad too obtuse ^^" (in multiple ways really..)
Going to have to work on conveying information clearly in the future (rushed through that for this one)

Interesting and mystical idea. On the first play I had a Roll-button. But when I tried again start the game I do not see Roll button anywhere anymore.

Lots of potential for a complete game and to see it in some store. Good work!

o .o huh, never ran in to that bug before...

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Wow! This game is awesome! It's such a great concept and creative use of the theme. I'm not totally sure I understood how to play, but I sure had fun figuring it out! I like the wide variety of Tiles to play, I really like the Random Roll mechanic for the Tiles. Great atmosphere and music. My favorite part is hitting Start and watching a bunch of Tiles spill out and interact with each other!

Had a lot of fun with the cheats and dragging Tiles around!

Glad you enjoyed it! Checked out your stream of it. FYI, they be dice :P

Sadly ran out of time before I could improve the UI (restart button, bugged help button..)

And yea, trying to decipher the mechanics is part of the game, sadly not sure how well I visually represented the outcomes of the mechanics..
Probably should have made it more clear that getting new Cultists should be a priority now that I think about it...

I see! Well with this in mind I will give it another try to see if I can win!