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The Stars Align is a Lovecraftian themed game where you play as a cult that is trying to quietly expand, playing the odds that you can build enough momentum while dodging the threats from the local church,  your pitchfork wielding neighbors, and the honored Deep Ones who sometimes mistake you for a juicy snack.

But all is well, for the stars have finally aligned, and Dread Cthulhu floats precipitously upwards towards the shallows of our dreams, and all will be swept away in the madness that is to come. 

Strategically mitigate risks as you hope your horde of cultists, ritualists, emissaries, and horrors from the deep might actually do something useful with this roll of the dice; trying to recruit as many as you can to your cause, while being quite aware of how probable the local church might rabble rouse their congregations at any point while you do so.

Made almost entirely in Bolt for #BoltJam3

Assets used:


TheStarsAlign.zip 25 MB


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Not sure if I am winning or not, but I enjoyed it. I would like play more when/if you update it! (help, hover over dices more clear, win/lose screen)

Good job! :D

Ha, its become apparent I might've made it a tad too obtuse ^^" (in multiple ways really..)
Going to have to work on conveying information clearly in the future (rushed through that for this one)

Interesting and mystical idea. On the first play I had a Roll-button. But when I tried again start the game I do not see Roll button anywhere anymore.

Lots of potential for a complete game and to see it in some store. Good work!

o .o huh, never ran in to that bug before...

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Wow! This game is awesome! It's such a great concept and creative use of the theme. I'm not totally sure I understood how to play, but I sure had fun figuring it out! I like the wide variety of Tiles to play, I really like the Random Roll mechanic for the Tiles. Great atmosphere and music. My favorite part is hitting Start and watching a bunch of Tiles spill out and interact with each other!


Had a lot of fun with the cheats and dragging Tiles around!


Glad you enjoyed it! Checked out your stream of it. FYI, they be dice :P

Sadly ran out of time before I could improve the UI (restart button, bugged help button..)

And yea, trying to decipher the mechanics is part of the game, sadly not sure how well I visually represented the outcomes of the mechanics..
Probably should have made it more clear that getting new Cultists should be a priority now that I think about it...

I see! Well with this in mind I will give it another try to see if I can win!